django-jsonform 2.8.0 release notes

Feb 14, 2022

This version introduces no breaking changes and is fully compatible with the previous releases (2.7.x).

Like the previous version, it also supports Django >= 2.0 and Python >= 3.4.

What’s new

New features

  • Datetime input

    Support for datetime input has been added for string type fields using format: 'datetime' key. Read about its usage here: Datetime field.

  • Multiple choice selection

    Support for multiple choice selection. Learn more in usage docs: Multiple selections.

  • Default value for array

    Support for default initial value for an array. Earlier, only array items could have a default value. The problem with that is when a new item was added, the same default value was also added again.

    With this feature, it is now possible to set multiple default values on an array.

  • Clearable file inputs

    Now file upload inputs can be cleared, i.e. their value can be unset. Earlier, it wasn’t possible to empty a file input once a value was attached.

  • Callable schema may receive the model instance

    Now the callable schema function may optionally receive the current model instance as an argument.

Bug fixes

  • #25: Fixed a bug where editing a key in an extendable dict (object) made the key disappear.

  • #27: Fixed a bug to make the editor work in admin inlines.

Minor improvements

  • Autogrowing textarea

    Textarea’s height will now grow automatically as the user types in. This saves the user from having to manually resize the textarea.

  • Animated list items

    List items will have a nice animation when moved up/down or removed. This will help provide some feedback to the user. Earlier it wasn’t obvious when list items were moved.

react-json-form (JavaScript)

react-json-form has been updated to version 1.9.0.