Helper functions and classes.


class ErrorMap

New in version 2.15.

It is basically a subclass of dict but it makes it easier to create an error mapping for the widget.


set(coords, msg)

Set the given message for the given coordinates.

coords - A list of coordinates of the field.

msg - A string or a list of error messages.

append(coords, msg)

Append the given message to previously added coordinates. If the coordinates don’t exit, it acts like the set() method.

coords - A list of coordinates of the field.

msg - A string or a list of error messages.


from django_jsonform.utils import ErrorMap

error_map = ErrorMap()

# set an error message
error_map.set(coords=[0], msg='This value is invalid')

# append error messages on same field
error_map.append(coords=[0], msg='Second error message')


{'0': ['This value is invalid', 'Second error message']}



New in version 2.15.

Generates a string by joining the given coordinates.

Internally, we use the section sign (§) for joining the coordinates. Earlier, a hyphen (-) was used, but that caused some complications when a key in a schema (i.e. a field name) had a hyphen in it as it was impossible to know whether the hyphen was the separator or part of the key.

Now, this symbol is chosen because it’s very rarely used.

from django_jsonform.utils import join_coords

join_coords('person', 0, 'name') # -> 'person§0§name'



New in version 2.15.

Splits a coordinates string into individual coordinates.

The section sign (§) is used for splitting the coordinates.

from django_jsonform.utils import split_coords

split_coords('person§0§name') # -> ['person', '0', 'name']