django-jsonform 2.12.0 release notes

Sep 17, 2022

This release brings some exciting new features and a few bugfixes.

Like the previous version, it also supports Django >= 2.0 and Python >= 3.4.

New features

  • Data validation

    Support for data validation.

  • Validation keywords

    Support for validation keywords — required, minLength, maxLength, minimum, maximum, exclusiveMinimum, exclusiveMaximum, uniqueItems.

  • Autocomplete widget

    New autocomplete widget which can load choices via AJAX requests.

  • File deletion

    A delete button has been added in Media Library thumbnails which will send a DELETE request to file handler endpoint. In addition to that, DELETE requests will automatically be sent to the server when Clear button is clicked or when exiting page without form submission.

  • Rename choices label keyword to title

    For consistency with JSON schema, choice label keyword has been renamed to title. However, the label keyword will still continue to work.

  • Range input

    Support for range input widget. Earlier range input was added using the format keyword, but as a range input also returns a number value (no need for a specialised format). Hence, it didn’t make sense to use range as a format. So, now range inputs can be created using the widget keyword.

  • Time widget improvements

    Time widget’s input spinner is now circular i.e. after reaching maximum or minimum value, it will start over (e.g. after 12 for hours, it will go to 0 if the hour is incremented and will go from 0 to 12 if decremented).

Bug fixes

  • #58: Overriding the widget in custom form’s Meta class was not respected.

  • #61: Widget didn’t accept attrs argument.

  • Minor improvements and fixes in widget’s CSS.

react-json-form (JavaScript)

react-json-form has been updated to version 2.1.0.

Thank you

I want to thank all the people who contributed bug reports, feature requests and improvement suggestions.