Input field types

There are four values for the type keyword which have an input field:

  1. string - For text, email, date, file, and other inputs.

  2. number - For number input (including floats).

  3. integer - For integer only number input.

  4. boolean - For True - False inputs (checkbox by default).

We’ve excluded array and object types as they can’t have input fields.

Inputs for string type

The input fields for string values can be customized using the format keyword.

Possible values for format keyword are:




A colour input


A date input


An email input


A password input


A range input


A time input


A file input. See File inputs for details.


A file input. See File inputs for details.


# 1. Text input (default)
    'type': 'string'

# 2. Date input
    'type': 'string',
    'format': 'date'

# 3. Email input
    'type': 'string',
    'format': 'email'

# ...

File inputs

There are two format values for file uploads:

  1. data-url - for embedding base64 encoded data in the JSON object.

  2. file-url - for keeping only the link to the file in JSON object.

Read Uploading files document for a full guide on uploading files.


Do not use file format for file inputs. This won’t work as you may expect.

Inputs for number and integer types

The number and integer types get an HTML number input field.

They are not customizable.

Inputs for boolean type

The boolean type gets an HTML checkbox input. Currently, it can’t be customized to another input type.

However, you can use choices to display a radio or select input with Yes/No options to choose from.