django-jsonform 2.10.0 release notes

Jun 03, 2022

This version introduces no breaking changes and is fully backwards-compatible with the previous releases (2.9.x)

Like the previous version, it also supports Django >= 2.0 and Python >= 3.4.

What’s new

New features

  • additionalProperties can accept a schema now. Earlier, additionalProperties only accepted a boolean and the new properties (keys) could only be of string type. Now you can provide a schema for new properties through this schema.

  • Support for Recursive nesting objects and items.

  • Support for Referencing schema (using the $ref keyword).

  • JSONField now accepts a new parameter called pre_save_hook which can be used to process or transform the JSON data before saving.

Bug fixes

  • #38: If an array has minItems set to 0 or undefined, it will be kept blank initially. If it has a default value, it will use the default value instead of being blank. Earlier, an empty item was automatically added to an array which could be undesirable in many cases.

react-json-form (JavaScript)

react-json-form has been updated to version 1.12.1.