Autocomplete widget

New in version 2.12.

The autocomplete widget can be used for fetching options from the server via AJAX requests.

Here’s an animated GIF of the autocomplete widget:

Animated screenshot of autocomplete widget.


# Schema

    'type': 'string',
    'widget': 'autocomplete',
    'handler': '/url/to/handler_view' # hard-coded url

    # OR

    'handler': reverse_lazy('handler-view-name') # reversed URL

The handler keyword declares the URL of the view which will handle the AJAX requests.

You can use django.urls.reverse_lazy instead of hard-coding the handler url.

Handling AJAX requests

Your handler view will receive a GET request with a query parameter containing the search term typed in the autocomplete input.

Code example

from django.http import JsonResponse
from django.contrib.auth.decorators import login_required

def autocomplete_handler(request):
    query = request.GET.get('query') # search query

    # ... do something ...

    results = [

    return JsonResponse({'results': results})

Request arguments

Each GET request will contain these parameters:

  • query: Search term typed in the autocomplete input.

  • model_name: Name of the model.

  • field_name: Name of the field.

  • coords: Coordinates of the data input field.

Response format

Your view must return a JsonResponse in this format:

JsonResponse({'results': ['Australia', 'Brazil', ...]})

The options can also have different display label and value:

    'results': [
        {'title': 'Australia', 'value': 'AU'},
        {'title': 'Brazil', 'value': 'BR'},