django-jsonform 2.15.0 release notes

Nov 21, 2022

This release brings plenty of bug fixes and one breaking change

Like the previous version, it also supports Django >= 2.0 and Python >= 3.4.

New features

  • ErrorMap: A new helper class for setting error messages with custom validation.

Bug fixes

  • #69: Allow hyphens in schema object keys.

  • #70: Made the widget compatible with HTMX.

  • #81: Fixed a bug due to which the error messages were not displayed under input fields.

  • #82: Fixed a bug to display error messages from multiple validators.

  • Minor fixes: #71, #73, #79

Breaking changes

  • Custom validation

    Due to fixing issue #69 to allow hyphens (dashes) schema object keys (i.e. field names), the you should now use the ErrorMap helper class to construct the error_map object.

react-json-form (JavaScript)

react-json-form has been updated to version 2.4.0.

Thank you

I want to thank my sponsors and all the people who contributed code, bug reports, feature requests and improvement suggestions.